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Thank you for your interest in therapeutic massage.  Together we can change the way your body responds to stress, improving your overall quality of life.  

*At Assisted Healing Massage, every body plays a part in maintaining a healthy environment. The preventions and precautions to receive massage therapy are the responsibility of both the therapist and the client.  If you are sick, please reschedule. Wash your hands when you arrive for massage therapy. Please be honest about your personal health outside of Covid19. There are other reasons why you may be unable to receive massage therapy. 

*As in the past and with every client, linens are laundered and sanitized. Every client has a new, fresh set of sheets and face cradle cover. An air purifier is now in use that cleans the air in the studio 3 - 4 times per hour, killing viruses and germs. Surfaces are cleaned with antiviral and CDC recommended cleaners. Floors are cleaned at the beginning and end of each day. Tools are cleaned and sanitized between each client. Gloves are worn by the therapist if desired or in times of necessity.

It is the client's decision to wear a face mask or not while receiving massage therapy. Dawn will continue to wear one as a precaution when deemed necessary, even though she was fully vaccinated as of 3/4/2021. These actions will keep all of us healthy and safe. *

The traditional response for pain was to see a doctor for a prescription.  Instead of another chemical in your body, how about an investment in your own wellness?  A better solution to pain management is therapeutic massage. Maintain a level of activity in your life and move better during your day. 

If you are one of the thousands of people who struggle daily with chronic pain due to injury or illness, therapeutic massage can make a difference.  Fatigue, depression, anxiety, and body aches go hand in hand with chronic pain. These symptoms are not easy to overcome, but massage therapy can help by increasing the release of endorphins, which are naturally released through exercise. Chronic pain inhibits exercise, which can result in fatigue and depression over time. Breaking this cycle is paramount to reduce these symptoms, reduce chronic pain and improve your quality of life.  

If you struggle with stiffness and muscle pain every day, feel older than you are, have headaches, are stressed-out, have trouble sleeping, have no energy and are regularly fatigued, therapeutic massage can help you. 

Chronic and acute pain can be limiting and prevent you from living the way you want.  This is what makes Assisted Healing Massage different. Intimate, first hand knowledge of chronic pain changes your life.  It can make you timid or meek, not knowing how you'll  feel from day to day, you stop making plans and miss out on social events. If your pain is hidden, not visible to others including family and friends, it can be quite isolating. 

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