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Medical Massage is evidenced based, meaning that the results are based off of research. If you are looking for results for a specific condition, it is advisable to receive massage therapy with resolution in mind. Medical massage is becoming more popular as generations of people with past sports injuries, auto accidents, improper posture, and high stress levels are becoming more aware of their dysfunctional bodies. This usually happens over time due to poor posture or repetitive use. No one likes to be in pain. Pain reduction is the number one reason people seek out the care of a Licensed Massage Therapist. Receiving the right massage from the right therapist can make all the difference.  

Medical massage is not one massage. Instead it is an investment in muscle health and a return to optimal functioning. With that in mind, a single massage can not offer these results. Our muscles did not start functioning poorly overnight. Medical massage is given frequently, sometimes 3 times/week for a number of weeks, than 2 times/week and so on. This allows the muscle to adjust to the stimulus and change gradually over time. What we term, muscle memory. Once the program is completed, maintenance massage is recommended usually every three weeks or once per month. 

Assisted Healing Massage is currently offering Medical Massage for 5 specific conditions - Plantar Fasciitis, Whiplash, Headaches, TMJD and Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome. Fees vary due to condition and recommended treatment protocol. Specific tissues and joints also benefit from medical massage as the treatment protocol is quite specific to exhibit lasting results. Other neck injuries including bulging discs respond well to the whiplash protocol. If you have not been dx with plantar fasciitis, but have plantar foot pain, you may benefit from a similar approach  to treatment. Individual results vary. 

Please call ahead and speak with Dawn Wagner 402-740-9731 or email about scheduling if you are interested in the investment side of medical massage. You are required to pay for the full program at the completion of your first appointment. 

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