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Restorative Massage and Therapeutic Deep Tissue

30 minute    $50           60 minute     $78             90 minute     $110

Oncology Massage Therapy

30 minute   $45      60 minute    $65                                                

Youth Massage Therapy (12 - 16 yo; accompanied by parent)

30 minute     $45           60 minute     $65

Assisted Therapeutic Stretching 

stand alone service      $50            with 90 minute massage      $120

Medical Massage results oriented for specific conditions and optimal muscle functioning     

30 minute      $55          60 minute   $85

  •  Plantar Fasciitis - with diagnosis.  Plan/fee TBD after consult and first appointment. 
  • TMJD - joint pain or joint disorder that can be brought on by dental work or due to anatomical dysfunction; can cause jaw pain, clicking, headaches, ringing in the ears. Plan/fee TBD after consult and first appointment. 
  • Whiplash - due to auto accident or fall; best to wait 24-36 hours before receiving bodywork, especially if accompanied with concussion. Client may consult with doctor prior for approval or prescription. Plan/fee TBD after consult and first appointment.
  • Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome - can become chronic if left untreated. Plan/fee TBD after consult and first appointment.
  • Headache - frequency and duration may be decreased without drugs. Plan/fee TBD after consult and first appointment.

CBD Massage 

60 minute   $90      90 minute    $125                                               


30 minute   $35      60 minute    $65


*******Add Reiki Healing Energy $5

*******Add CBD oil for spot treatment $8

*******Gua-Sha and Massage Cupping upgrade at no cost

Massage Therapy Intensive - 90 minute massage therapy every week for 6 weeks. Tailored to your specific needs with a variety of massage therapy modalities at no additional cost. Payment due at first appointment. Expire 60 days after purchase date. $575

Massage Therapy Intensive - Six 30 minute or 60 minute massage therapy (weekly or bi-weekly), 3 - 6 weeks in duration. Tailored to your specific needs. Payment due at first appointment. Expire 60 days after purchase date. $250 - $400

Five 60 minute massage therapy $350

Five 90 minute massage therapy $485

Ten 60 minute Custom Massage Therapy $650


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